Prevent Septic System Problems

Good Habits Promote Long Septic System Life

Signs of system failure:

  • Slow draining toilets and fixtures.
  • Sewage back-up.
  • Strong odors from the system.
  • Puddles or seepage in the leaching area.

Help extend the life of your septic system

  • Conserve water, fix leaky toilets and/or faucets.
  • Do not discard cigarette butts, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, cat litter,┬ápaper towels, coffee grounds or cloth into the system.
  • Do not discharge backwash from a water softener into the system.
  • Do not put bleach, ammonia or strong disinfectant into the system.
    Avoid using a garbage disposal.
  • Do not plant trees, put an above-ground pool, shed, pave over the top of, or park vehicles on your leach field.
  • If your septic tank has an effluent filter it should be inspected annually and
    cleaned in accordance with manufacturer’s directions.
  • Do not remove the filter if the water level in the tank is above the filter.
  • Spread out wash loads throughout the week and avoid long showers.
  • Check the septic tank annually and have it pumped when there is more than a foot of solids, or at minimum every.three years.
  • Do not use liquid fabric softener, use fabric softener dryer sheets.
  • Do not let water collect over, or put drainage swales over the leachfield.
  • Keep a copy of your septic system’s “as-built” in a safe location (on the wall where your sewer pipe exits the house). This gives the location of your septic tank clean-out.
  • Do not connect footing drains or a pool drain into the septic system.

If you have any questions about septic system care, replacement or installation, contact Kozyra Construction. With a project this important, that’s assurance you are dealing with an established, reputable contractor for this important investment in your property.